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Every Monday and Tuesday!

7:00-9:00 Central Time

Guest Host on Tuesdays in January

Join us Every Monday and Tuesday Via Zoom - Virtual Practice

Group Experiences

"I'm first very thankful to Karen for her positive and  welcoming smile making my participation in a big NVC Meeting possible in a very short notice.
 She took care of our needs as well as managing all kinds of details of such a big event in a very gentle, light, friendly and efficient way.  
I am now taking part into a NVC Practice Group she very skillfully leads and facilitates. I've been having great experiences there so far. Her enthusiasm with NVC and her work is contagious.Thank you very much, Karen, for all your generosity, friendship and beatiful sharings" 

Luciana Martins (Brazil)   

I've encountered Karen in her NVC practice group. I have found this group & her leadership to be highly valuable as I learn to apply the principles of NVC. I have a great deal of confidence that Karen will continue to guide the group wisely and in an engaging manner. 

Dave Thompson