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NVC Workshops in Austin Texas

Organizational Trainer, Executive & Personal Coach
and a Certified Trainer with the International Center for Nonviolent Communication. Dian is hosting three workshops in Austin, see dates and topics below!

Authenticity, Intimacy, and Trust: Creating the Relationships You Want with NVC

Empathic Presence: Creating Transformational Shifts with Clients by Accessing Core Needs [Feb. 7-8, 2019]

Feburary 9-10, 2019
Most of us long to be fully authentic in our relationships.  We want to be accepted and loved for who we are, yet turning up with full honesty can be challenging.  We wonder, “Will I be heard?”  Or will the other person turn up with defensiveness, misunderstanding, and blame?
And when misunderstanding does occur, how can we restore connection and trust?  Join us for a 2-hour introduction followed by a weekend-long immersion, followed up with group coaching sessions on video conference. 

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Feburary 7-8, 2019
At the basis of all healing and transformation is a person being deeply heard by another. Join us to experience first-hand the profound impact of being completely and empathically present to others and yourself.
In this 2-day immersion into Nonviolent Communication, you will learn how to incorporate empathic listening into healing and therapeutic work… including somatic-based empathy and empathic-based inner parts exploration.  Note: For therapists, professional coaches, and other mental health professionals.

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