Making Life  Connections

  • Coaching for individuals

  • Organizing (Space and Logistics) for  Individuals and Companies

  • Event Planning for  Non-Profit and Corporate Organizations​

  • Customized Curriculum Development and Training for  Collaborative Communication

  • Workshops  Based on Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication 
“Karen is a thoughtful facilitator. She's a master of deep listening and getting to the heart language within our story. Karen thrives in the connection experience and supports healing dialog in our world.”
-Rev. Douglas Duerr, Unity Worldwide Ministries Leadership Coordinator

"I can really feel Karen's heart when she teaches and facilitates. Her style is completely honest and authentic. In addition, her body of work and the resources she draws from seems inexhaustible. I would recommend her workshops and classes for any group, organization, board or individuals who want to better their communication skills."
- Mary Scott Hagle, Executive Director, Dawn Mountain    

Heart Led Coaching
I have worked closely with Karen Starz for over a year and in that time have experienced more personal growth than I ever imagined possible. I have found transformational her willingness to confront my resistance to change and her skill in helping me apply Non-Violent Communication to become more aware of who I truly am. Karen is a master healer. Working with her individually, in her online NVC group, and at workshops is always a delight because of her sense of humor and infectious laugh. I continue to be inspired by her profound commitment of time and energy to practice and teach Non-Violent Communication.

Joan Newsom, NBCT
High school teacher
  1. Class With Unity Worldwide Ministries
    Class With Unity Worldwide Ministries

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    Every Monday
          6:30-8:30 pm central time

March 27th & 28th

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"Embodying Nonviolent Communication "
David Weinstock
June 14,15 and 16th 2019
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Offerings in Austin Texas
Dian Killian

February  7-8, 2019

February 9-10, 2018

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